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The AIR-SUN SA activates in the production of electricity from Wind and Solar power and extending the area of energy and environmental technologies in general.

The object of work includes studies of specific projects and the design and manufacture of hybrid plants and facilities for renewable energy.

With specialized staff and associates takes over:

  • Study facilities.
  • Installation of wind, solar and hydroelectric systems.
  • Connect the installation unit consumption.
  • Connecting the installation to the network of electricity  and signed purchase contract of the  produced or redundant electricity for the client.
  • Support of production units from renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Measurement and analysis of wind potential in the area of installation.
  • Preparation and filing of documents for licensing by the RAE
  • Preparation of economic-technical viability studies  .
  • Filing documents to the Ministry of Development for funding under the Third Community Support Framework
  • Advisory activities for funding from banks and CH.A.T.

The AIR-SUN AEBE, always taking into consideration environmental protection, proposes optimal solutions for each case and takes over the full materialization of the project by guaranteeing the ideal outcome that meets the highest efficiencies  at the lowest possible cost.

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