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Wind Energy Challenges Opportunities Manufacturing & Developing Wind Energy Systems in Greece

Air-Sun’s industrial plant is located in Ioannina and is the property of the Executive Director (Mr. L. Kontos).

It is equipped with all required   machinery, to manufacture and assemble the vertical wind turbines. The facility covers 5.000 m2 with a production capacity of 1.200 units per year.

A new facility is planned that covers 50.000 m2 and will increase the production to a capacity of 8.000 units per year.

In the new production unit the combination of skilled personnel and advanced technological equipment, allows the realization of complex tasks with the highest quality standards. The unit includes assembly, welding and machining.

Project in Peania (Attica):30 MW(1500 AIR TURBO™20 Kw units)
Project Status: All construction permits available Project Financing: In progress

Project in Egoumenitsa (Epirus): 30 MW (1500 AIR TURBO™20 Kw units)
Project  Status: Construction permits available, pending final governmental approval
Project Financing: in progress

AIR-SUN Networks focuses on two types of partnerships:
Technology Partners Our technology partners consist of leading providers of RES (Renewable Energy System) solutions which complement AIR-SUN technology. By leveraging the capabilities of our Technology Partners products and combining these with our capabilities, customers can maximize their technology investment and achieve ROI more rapidly.

System Integrator Partners AIR-SUN Networks’ system integrator partners play a key role in the success of our end-users, providing them with leading consulting, integration and implementation services for AIR-SUN wind turbine products and solutions. This tiered program allows their expertise to bring industry experience, market expertise and a complete solution delivery that extends the AIR-SUN solution.

         AIR-SUN  is interested in expanding the market for this renewable energy and to provide power generation equipment for consumers.  It wants to be recognized as the leader in producing highly efficient, reliable, and cost effective small wind turbines.  For this reason a 10% of its revenues goes into R&D.

Wind Industry Growth….

  • Next decade: manufacturing growth rates of 20-25% necessary to reach annual installations of ~ 20 GW in the U.S.
  • Maintaining this rate through 2030 results in 20% Wind generation
  • 10%-20% increase in capacity factor and 10% decrease in capital costs by 2030
  • Availability of raw material, investment, and qualified labor is achievable

Key for All Suppliers . . .

  • Quality is critical
  • Air Sun is looking for big players/partners in Wind
  • Cost-out mindset is a must How can we work to make Wind Energy even more competitive ?

Project   Difficulties . . .

  1. Manufacturing Unit very far from the site
  2. Production alternatives should be analyzed and studied
  3. Embargo of certain components of the wind turbine
  4. O & M should be considered in details

Project  Assessment. . .

From the preliminary studies, it is evident that this park, with its High Wind yield and its ideal location for easy and quick construction, is an ideal investment opportunity, with an excellent payback period, rivalling the best wind on shore wind parks in the market.

In this financial analysis there is an option to expand to a total of 2.000 MW with the same revenue yield, an average IRR of exceeding 35 %, with one of the highest feed in tariffs in the world, and with the 20 year guarantee revenue streams.

This is by far one of the best opportunities for capital loan or investment, or a combination of both.

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