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After years of study, testing and installations in wind turbines of vertical axis, we present a new type of wind turbine, AIR turbo, a tree, patent No.: 2030100029. The wind turbine AIR turbo works like a turbine. The inclined vanes direct air from any direction in the inner flaps of opposite slope, creating conditions of rotation of the inner vertical axis, resulting in the generator operation and generating electric power. A revolutionary creation for electricity production by taking advantage of the mechanical force of the wind, with no cost. It has small size, low height, light weight and requires little installation space. The AIR turbo turbine can thus be placed everywhere, in roofs, rooftops, balconies, the open space of land etc.

The AIR-SUN company with skilled manpower undertakes

  • Installation study
  • Installation of wind, solar and hydroelectric systems.
  • Connect installation by consumption unit.
  • Connecting installation to the network of PPC and signing the purchase contract of the generated or the excess electricity for the client.
  •  Maintenance of production units of RES.
  • Measurement and analysis of wind energy potential in the area of installation.
  • Preparation and submission of supporting documents for authorization of the RAE.
  • Drafting economic viability studies.
  • Submission to the Ministry of Development for funding from the third CSF.
  • Consulting activity for funding from banks and CH.A.T.

With great sensitivity to environmental protection, we constructed the formula AIR turbo turbine in a tree, color green or shades coming from the flora of each area of installation, so as not to destroy the visual and aesthetic morphology of that installation environment (thereby, a “forest” is created by the installation of many wind turbines AIR turbo, to use as much as possible wind capacity).

We minimized, almost nullified the noise level, so as not to bother and not remove wildlife. Also, because of the volume and the fixed outer flaps, conflict and killing birds are avoided.

In detail the advantages

  • Production from any direction, density and wind speed.
  • More energy by 2 to 3 times of the respective horizontal axis.
  • Stores more kinetic energy in the flywheel than any other turbine.
  • Lower production in winds bursts.
  • Lower cost per KWh of produced energy.
  • Production of energy from very low winds(Beaufort 2).
  • Long last materials.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • The operation link and maintenance is abysmallylow.
  • Zero noise in all operating conditions.
  • Robust construction with stainless steel of highquality to withstand time and the adverseweather.
  • Due to the design the torque increases, so as toincrease the output power energy.
  • The placement blends with the naturalenvironment without causing conflicts.
  • By installing many wind turbines AIR turbo, weutilize as much as possible wind potential, thus we create the energy “Forest”).
  • They don’t need large distances between them because one helps the other and exploit the maximum of wind power in the region.
  • Three-phase generator of permanent magnet of latest technology.
  • Nominal output voltage: 24, 48, 220 and 360 volts.
  • 20 years of warranty.

We would be glad to discuss with you in detail, to specialize and determine the way you can use the Renewable Energy Systems of Air – Sun, according to your needs and requirements. How you can secure permanently and guaranteed your own independent power production and provide a steady income as a producer.

We are looking forward to your reply and remain at your disposal for any further information or clarification.

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